Welcome to Monday and to February 1st! The beginning of a month, the beginning of a week — the beginning of a movement. 

It’s with this mindset that I am delighted to invite you on a journey – a journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and growth. The idea is born out of a the belief that we can draw strength from the past and be strong enough to build our own future.

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With that belief, our journey begins! Each month, from here going forward, will be given a theme – possibly something that has particular meaning within that month, or else something that just gives cause to celebrate and develop strength.  There will be daily themes, as well; something to help direct you towards specific ways to develop the attributes that embody our theme.

For example; the theme for February is ‘Movement’.  February is, as you’re likely aware, Black History Month. A history that is ripe with activists, movements, dreamers, and reform – with so much strength and passion to draw from, there will no shortage of material to give you room to grow.  

Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a particular area of yourself, with that theme in mind.  

Today, February 1, is Mindset Mondays.

A movement is a particular brand of reform – Black History month gives us time to pause and reflect on a truly inspiring, courageous group of activists.  People who saw an injustice and determined that it was there calling, their responsibility, to rise up against the injustice of humanity.

What would it mean to set our minds on ‘movement’? Well, that’s entirely personal.  Perhaps you’re struggling with something internal that you’re yearning to change.  Maybe it’s something in your immediate surroundings – an issue at work, a bully at your child’s school, a troubled relationship.  Maybe, it’s something bigger.  Maybe you see something in the world that you’re yearning to change.

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But…You’re wondering if you have the power to make a difference – the power to make the change.

Yes.  Yes to all of it. But it all begins with one simple step – setting your mind on the change.  Setting your mind on the goal, and discovering that you absolutely do have the power to make the difference you’re devoted to.

Yes. Because you are a reformist. YOU are an activist – and maybe, in your particular situation, you are the only one able to make that change. But that’s okay – because you’re the only one needed. You can be the change.

Colin Powell, the first African American appointed as the U.S. Secretary of State gave this advice, when sharing his 13 Life Rules For Any Future Leader: “Have a vision. Be demanding.”

To that I say exactly.  It all starts with a vision – and it ends with never letting that vision go. Decide what it is you want to see happen, and be demanding.  Demand freedom, demand justice, demand growth, demand equality. 
Set your mind on the change that matters – and don’t let your gaze waver.