I can honestly think of no better way to follow Mindset Monday — the encouragement and reminder to set your mind on something you’re passionate about — than to urge you to heed the call to rise up and take action!

Taking action means being aware.  What is it you see that needs change? Is it external? Internal? There is always room for growth, and you are always the person who can make the change.  You may not be able to reform everything you hope to, but you can most certainly take the first steps towards action.

[ctt title=”Taking actions means being aware of and addressing your fears” tweet=”Tweet: Taking actions means being aware and addressing your fears. ” coverup=”oLv3j”]

Taking action means addressing your fears. So what is it that’s holding you back?  Are you unsure where to start? Have you yet to determine where it is you belong and what role you play? I don’t know what your vision is – I don’t know what it is that is calling out inside you for change, but what I do know is that none of that matters if you don’t first understand the power of your own will.

Wilma Rudolph said that we should:

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. The Power for Greatness Lies Within Each of Us.”

That means that it doesn’t much matter what you need to change.  It doesn’t matter what your cause is, or where your heart lies, or how much you’re yearning for reform.  It doesn’t matter until you understand that the power is already inside of you. Your dreams, your goals, your ambitions – even your words, they all mean nothing until you commit to taking that first step towards greatness.  It’s Time for Action!

[ctt title=”Taking actions means having a clear direction and moving forward!” tweet=”Tweet: Taking actions means having a clear direction and moving forward!” coverup=”e0qAU”]

Taking action means having a clear direction. I could provide you with a chart that helps you map out your plan (and just you wait – I still may!). I could provide you with data and statistics that confirm that the path you’ve chosen to walk is, indeed, worth walking – I could encourage and lift and inspire, but until you decide that the time is now, and you’re the only one who can take that first step, none of it matters.

Taking action means moving forward. You must continually hold your head high, content in the knowledge that the greatness lies inside you, and the power to make a difference comes first from your heart, and then from your hands.  

So rise up, take that step – and the next, and the next.  Whatever your journey is, whatever your calling may be – the most important step is always the next step. Don’t lose sight of what you’re striving for.  

Take it…!