This week, I had the opportunity to have a discussion with Meg Kissack.

Meg is the one woman behind That Hummingbird Life and the Courage Makers Podcast. Meg works with ‘Doers, Makers, and World Shakers’ — people out to change the world to help them find their own rhythm. She loves laughter, colors, and really really great country music.  She lives in London, and is working towards a trip across the world. She is an exceptional person, and it was an honor, and a great time, to chat with her.

In this episode, Meg and I discuss:

  • Her passion around inspiring people to make a change in the world
  • How things got so crazy she Googled ‘How To Relax’
  • Learning how to take time for ‘me’
  • Helping mission-driven women take care of themselves
  • Her travel schedule
  • Feeling alive and just showing up.
  • How she reminds herself to follow through
  • Appreciate that you’re doing the best
  • Celebrating the shit out of your small wins

Listen to my interview with Meg Kissack now!


Resources and Links relevant to this podcast:

The Hummingbird Life

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Fun Facts about Meg:

Favorite Movie:  Amelie or Whip It

Favorite sayings: Everything Changes When You Believe You Matter

What book or books is on our nightstand right now: Playing Big by Tara Mohr and Wild by Cheryl Strayed