Ron Reardon is a father of twin boys, grandfather of four, lifetime learner and seeker of models for what works – and he shares how he chooses to Live Intentionally in this episode of Living Intentionally with Amy Smalarz.

In this episode, Ron and I discuss:

  • Why it’s important for people to feel love every day
  • Having a life of meaning, engagement an fulfillment
  • Having a single point of focus
  • Maintaining situational awareness
  • “What’s influencing me right now? My brain, my body, my spirit, my relationships?”
  • Using structure and consistency to bring intention to your life
  • Why Ron always reads the last chapter first
  • How intention grows with daily rituals, and why that’s incremental

Listen to my episode with Ron now!

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Fun Facts about Ron:

What is your favorite movie?  Top Gun
What is your (or one of your) favorite sayings?  A focused mind can shatter stone.
What book or books are on your nightstand right now?  Mindset by Carol Dweck