Years ago Travis was overweight, lacked energy, motivation and drive. Just like you, he couldn’t live like that. It was too hard to be the chubby guy, the unsuccessful guy who was wasting life…

He made a decision. That decision shifted everything. It’s why he’s here for you now.

After achieving the body and energy he’d always desired while growing his thriving business, he now helps busy entrepreneurs, CEOs, VIPs and all out studs do the same.

In this episode, Travis and I discuss:

  • Finding balance between overdoing it and underdoing it
  • Learning to serve yourself first so you can serve others
  • Living Intentionally and being present
  • Becoming a life transformer
  • Defining your intentions and being okay with it
  • Asking yourself how what you’re currently doing is working
  • What the tie between business and health is

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