Wesley is the founder A HUMAN PROJECT, a for-purpose 501c3 with a mission to create a community of empowered youth. He is also the founder of SUPER HUMAN LIFE, a program designed to ensure ultimate understanding of ones true potential.

Wesley works with hundreds of youth and adults on a monthly basis moving them from where they are to where they want to be. He has created numerous programs to guide users through creating a SUPERHUMAN LIFE.

In this episode, Wes and I discuss:

  • How he came to work with youth
  • What fuels his Human Project
  • Using your voice to help other people
  • Time is irrelevant – the only thing that matters is now
  • Going all in in each moment
  • Live your legacy
  • Focus on the ‘now’
  • Put your energy into what you can control
  • Living a legacy has to become second nature
  • Why he believes that every excuse is a lie
  • Taking ownership of your choices


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