This week’s guest is Jeff Moore who actually interviews Amy on Living With Intention.  Jeff is the President of two companies: International Pacific Seafoods and Wild Things Seafood. He is a trusted advisor to Distributors, Chain Restaurant Operators as well as various industry professionals and is the Founder of a Mastermind Group called Thursday Night Boardroom, hosting over 250 members in 18 countries.

Amy is a life long student. She has earned degrees in Biology and Sociology; a Masters in Healthcare Administration; and a PhD in Social Policy, Health Services Research and Health Economics.

Yet, she still dedicates time, energy and resources to learning from the best like Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern and Bo Eason to name a few.

She brings her learning’s, experience and expertise into every coaching call, group endeavor, seminar and consulting project. You don’t get pieces of Amy – you get all of her.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Amy came to the movement of Living Intentionally
  • What it means to communicate to be heard
  • What Living Intentionally means to Amy
  • Guiding Words and Action Words
  • How you know if you’re living with intention
  • How we know when we’re living someone else’s intentions?
  • How we can fortify our intentions of Living Intentionally

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