Alvin Miles is an educator, consultant, a coach and a problem solver helping people get from where the are to where they want to be. He helps mid-career professionals obliterate overwhelm, increase their influence and solidify their success. He helps students clarify their future and avoid the expenses of switching their college major. He creates and distribute actionable content, and maintain a community where people come to contribute and receive answers to the inevitable questions we all have along our way to success!

In this episode, Alvin and I discuss:

  • How he wakes up with a purpose
  • How he lives intentionally
  • Our mission of finding our gifts and leveraging them into a meaningful career and life.
  • Learning more and more about less and less
  • Mastering the journey
  • Preplanning and sculpting what you want to do. Having it before you have it.
  • Learning not to live randomly
  • Having a morning ritual
  • Putting structure into his life
  • Alvin’s advice to help people get into the purposeful direction filled life
  • Setting your mind to what it is you want to do


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