Calvin Wayman is an author, speaker, sales expert and social media entrepreneur. In his early 20s, being awkward and shy, he held a company record for the WORST performance a sales agent ever had. After almost being fired, he found a mentor and went on from having the worst performance to the best.

In Spring 2015, he quit his day job to pursue his dream of working for himself. Calvin Wayman is always challenging himself by pushing the boundaries of his own fear. He attributes his tenacity of “never giving up” to lessons he learned going out and knocking on random houses selling door-to-door.

In this episode, Calvin and I discuss:

  • Being self-sustaining to achieve the success you want
  • Living life on purpose
  • Creating your vision, and doing everything you can towards that
  • Why life is like a chess game
  • Not having a perfect plan – but having an ‘a-b-z’ plan
  • Relieving the stress by acknowledging unknown variables
  • Learning to live a life outside a controlled environment
  • Outlining your next move