Jennifer Rachael Hudye is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and conscious hustler. She helps online coaches, experts, and thought leaders become the Influencer in their space through email marketing. She’s worked with brands/companies like Adam Markel, Cameron Herold, Harvey Mackay and Millionaire Mind Experience. She loves hiking, yoga, reading, personal growth seminars, green juice and margaritas.

In this episode, Jennifer and I discuss:

  • Building your tribe
  • Staying with your integrity
  • Being fully present in the moment, aware and conscious in our experience
  • Showing up as your true self
  • Focusing on feeling good and being on the frequency for success
  • Creating a successful morning routine, and honor that time
  • Approaching other people with compassion and empathy
  • Understanding that your choices bring about intention

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Fun Facts about Jennifer:

What is your favorite movie?   Finding Joe
What is your (or one of your) favorite sayings?   People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
What book or books are on your nightstand right now?    Simple Numbers by Greg Crabtree, The Complete Works by Florence Scovel Shinn