My clients call me their Energetic Ninja with a B.Comm. I equip my clients with energetic and strategic tools and techniques to live the life they truly want. I mix my passion for strategy and business with the power of energy.  The online programs and one-on-one consultations that I offer shift mindsets, expand skill sets and focus on soulsets©.   I work with clients to reclaim their power, increase their abundance and fulfill their purpose. We elevate their business success and align their life with the call of their soul so that they are living a life that they truly want on a daily basis.

In this episode, Jill and I discuss:

  • Studying Feng Shui
  • Using energetics and setting your intentions
  • Allowing your journey to bring you where you are
  • Knowing intentionally what you want for yourself and for your business
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Decide what you want and then take the next step to get there
  • Choosing what you want to accomplish in the week, and then having daily flexibility
  • Not getting pulled into the busy work
  • Choosing significant actions
  • Utilizing meditation
  • Mixing strategy and energy

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