JJ Birden was a track star with the Oregon Ducks. After getting an injury that ended his track career, he picked up football, and ended up playing with the Browns, the Cowboys, the Chiefs and the Falcons in the NFL. He’s now a dedicated Father, Husband and community member, as well as a best selling author and speaker. He teaches that success and happiness doesn’t come to those that wait – it comes to those that seize the opportunities.

In this episode, JJ and I discuss:

  • How he went from 3 to 8 children with one phone call
  • His years in the NFL
  • What living intentionally means to JJ
  • How knowing what he wants drives him to an intentional life
  • Why a weekly schedule is important
  • Hiring yourself vs. firing yourself
  • What he means by ‘control what you can control’
  • How bad do you want it?
  • Celebrate your small wins

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