Happy Holidays

What a year it has been! I have been asked recently what my top 10 list would be for 2014. So, keeping in mind a quote I recently heard from an interview with Oprah: 

Life is bigger than one experience…think about and answer the question: What is the next right step? – Oprah

Here it goes!

10. Health literacy of Patients (January): Over 77 million people are challenged to understand common health terms. A call to action: What can you do to educate and engage your patients or members more effectively?

9. Academic Partnerships (October): Needs trust, mutually beneficial end goals in mind; generates valuable evidence and moves the field of research in a positive direction

8. Nurse Practitioners gain Independence in New York (April): The Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, eliminates the requirement that NPs have a written practice agreement with a doctor in order to practice independently. New York is the eighteenth state, along with the District of Columbia, to implement such a measure.

7. Disruptive Innovation (September): A discussion about how informal influence can be used to drive positive change in health care organizations.

6. Willful Ignorance (July): We can all be willfully ignorant at times because we see what we want to see and try to convince others of our point of view. How often do we take a step back to ponder the ripple effect of an innovation, therapy or initiative? Probably not enough.

5. Opioids (May): The rescheduling of some medications, the caution clinicians need to exert when prescribing them and the caution we need to exercise in taking them.

4. The Value of Nurses (November): Nurses are the front-line when it comes to patient care in the hospital. How care is delivered on the floor or unit is related to work flow and very intricate processes – and only nurses have expert knowledge in this area. We don’t know until we ask – so let’s ask! Also check out this post on Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety: Lessons Learned from a Survey Assessing Nurses’ Awareness and Perceptions of Opioids and the Impact of Postsurgical Pain Management Medication Interventions

3. Real-World Evidence (June): What is it? What does it mean? What impact can it have?

2. What’s on Your Checklist for Success? (October): A re-cap of a great discussion with experts in the field!

1. 1st Ever Virtual Summit on RWE: A fantastic day with experts and key opinion leaders! A great day!