Allan Wich is a Recruiting Expert and Business Development Coach, as well as an author who teaches business and team development from a platform steeped in Behavioral and socio-economics. He gives his clients a competitive advantage in both business and personal endeavors, making them insulated from negative public influences.  He’s the co-host of the podcast Think Bold Be Bold with Christopher Cumby, who we had on the show in a recent episode.

In this episode, Allan and I discuss:

  • Knowing when to ask, and how to receive
  • Living transparently and living to the service of others
  • Learning how to live with focus, in all aspects of your life
  • Finding your objective, and focusing your energies on it
  • Naming your squirrels
  • How to realign your mindset to get back on track
  • Making a decision and standing by it
  • How everything happens, happens because of you. 

Listen to my interview with Allan now!