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Okay, so it’s my turn to write about Donald Trump and his candidacy for President of the United States. I have really tried to hold off but after reading the latest article published in the Sunday New York Times, Why Trump Won’t Fold: Polls and People Speak, I can no longer help myself.

In recent polls, Donald Trump is still leading – but it’s not for his ideology or soft spoken words. No, he is leading because:

Even if he doesn’t win, he’s teaching other politicians to stop being politicians. ~ Jan Mannarino, 65 year-old retired teacher, Michigan

People are staring to see…that all this political correctness is garbage…he’s echoing what a lot of people feel and say. ~ Carl Tomanelli, 68 year old retired NYC police officer

As my coach and mentor, Bo Eason, has been pointing out for years, we are entering (or have already entered) the age of storytellers and real communicators. No longer do we want or should we tolerate political pundits who say or do what their donors tell them to do. Even Trump admitted during an interview a couple of weeks ago on Meet the Press that he has donated to many of his current competitors – and expected something in return. While you may not follow or believe what Trump believes, I think we can all agree that he means what he says.

How many other politicians can we say that about? Taking it even a step closer to home, how many people can we say that about?

Who knows if Trump will still be in the race a year from now. If nothing else, I hope some of the brashness, honesty and passion still is.