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I took time to watch Bill Clinton’s appearance on CNN with Erin Burnett (yes, I know it is a biased source but I, like millions of other Americans, are drawn to Bill Clinton) – and here is my question:

Who is running for President?

Now, some of  you will scoff and some may even yell at the screen calling me all sorts of names, but here’s my train of thought with this question (again, being biased, I think it makes sense….).

  • Bill Clinton is a charismatic character who loves the spot light and talking with people
  • Erin asked former President Clinton about his wife’s time as Secretary of State as well as the recent email “scandal” [I hesitate to call it a scandal but we can use that word for now] and after he answered she said something to the effect of “That is the best answer we have heard. Why is it that you can be so articulate and your wife hasn’t been able to answer that question in a similar fashion?”
  • Regardless of your personal feelings of Bill Clinton, he can get people to rally around him – and Hillary just doesn’t have the same charisma
  • Understanding it’s a unique situation but no one else is asking the other candidates’ significant others to clarify their stances on subjects or policies

I understand that charisma does not win you elections – but people rallying around you does. People seem to vote for someone they like, trust and are comfortable that that person can surround themselves with smart people to make intelligent decisions.

I bring all of this up because it was made known this week that former President Bill Clinton will be on the campaign trail more in the upcoming months. While I think that may help Hillary, what other candidate has their significant other go on the campaign trail – this early (yes, I know Michelle Obama campaigned for Obama – but she’s awesome, so…, again my own bias inserted here).

All of this is to say, Bill Clinton going on the campaign trail this early seems to muddy the waters for me. Would I be voting for Hillary as President or for Bill as the First Gentleman to then assemble to team of people around them like they always do? Maybe it doesn’t make a difference, but I think it does.