Did I grab yours? Maybe, maybe not…?

Well, the Post, A Question of Attention got my attention this morning.

I must admit that I may have fallen guilty of sending a message (or 2) outside of ‘normal’ hours or what others call Business Hours. Even if that is the case, I don’t think that is the crux of the challenge. The real problem (or challenge as I prefer to call them) is that a lot of emails I receive don’t talk to ME. They are telling me something, trying to sell me something but not talking with me…

While that may be a subtle difference, in actuality, I think it’s a big difference!

Do you want to be talked to or have a conversation?

I don’t know about you but I prefer conversation. It’s a give and take but there is also a base or foundation of understanding or at least attempting to understand. And even if it’s not a conversation per se, at least share something of value with me. Don’t make it all secret or “click here to see what it really is…”

I am a self-proclaimed data dork at heart…I love numbers and really enjoy working with them. You know why? Because they tell a story – or at least contribute to part of the story. But numbers cannot stand by themseleves – they need a context. They need to be made relevant, they need to be brought to life.

So, even if something will totally work for me and you know it…it’s important to make me want to keep reading which means you are talking with me, engaging with me, understanding me…

But it takes time and practice and effort to do all of that. It’s not enough to do some research and then tell me I should just take your word for it. That almost never works. But what does work is to relate to my situation, my circumstance, my life – and then share value with me as to how your numbers, your story can help. Or what I can do to help myself.

Either way, you are not screaming to get my attention.

And that’s why I love this quote from the Post, A Question of Attention:

“But what if instead of wondering when and how to get more attention, we sought to understand what would compel the person on the receiving end to look forward to hearing from us?”

What a great question! What if, instead of trying to think how to GRAB someone’s attention, instead…we thought about ways to engage them and talk to them?

May be a novel concept – but one worth trying.