Have you ever had those days when you were really tough on yourself? One of those days where you either think you should be doing more or less of what you have done?

See – you aren’t alone! I woke up this morning with a realization that I need to turn some of my intentions into action. Some of my intentions are there but others aren’t and because I’m human, I had a momentary lapse of not being kind or gentle to myself. Admittedly, some of the thoughts and names that came to mind are not ones I would call others or even share with you. But, thankfully, I was able to take a couple of breaths, feel my emotions and not let them take me over in the moment or throughout the day.

A few years ago, that was not the case. I would carry my thoughts with me all day – and I mean ALL day.

A quick example from the morning is one of my son’s had an emotional reaction to us playing a game and he got upset. We took a few moments and I realized he just needed a really big hug and for me to tell him that I love him – so that’s what I did. But here’s the catch – a few, even a couple of years ago I would have spent some of the morning thinking about what I did wrong, what I could do better next time, etc. Yet today, after he got on the bus, I smiled and thought “he needed a hug, I got him to smile so he will have a good day…” and then that was it! [Besides sharing this with you now, I didn’t overthink it or analyze it.]

We all need to be kinder and gentler on ourselves. I’m not saying to lower expectations or to be lazy or to do less. I am saying that we need to allow ourselves to feel an emotion but then also have an awareness that while we may not choose our immediate emotion, we can choose how we handle that emotion, the thoughts we associate with it and our actions related to those thoughts.

Our emotions, thoughts and actions are intertwined – and the kinder and gentler we are on ourselves, the greater our positive mindsets and the more we can share of ourselves; the more we can accomplish; the more we can contribute.

So, I will be kinder and gentler to:

  • My body
  • My mind
  • Myself
  • My business
  • My mission

What about you? Will you be kinder and gentler?