Welcome to Monday!

I like to use Monday’s to get my head straight and put my self into a positive mindset for the week. Each week brings its unique challenges but what never changes is my ability to CHOOSE how I show up and how I contribute.

Seth Godin’s post this morning, Don’t tug on capes, share them, gives another perspective to Mindset Mondays.

It is much easier to get angry, complain and put others down.

And believe me, I have my fair share of complaining and bitching and whining how I “wish” things were different.

But I have gotten much better at listening to myself and getting out that rut quicker. It’s not always easy – especially when you feel someone close to you has been wronged in some way or not given a “fair” shake – but those are the times it’s even more important to not be cynical or bitter.

Don’t take the easy road. We already have enough people who do that and really at the end of the day, that’s a road that leads to nowhere…fast.

Where can you shine your light today?

Who’s light are you capturing and sharing with the world?