This week’s Guest is Brett Campbell an entrepreneur who believes life is to short to not be living up to your full potential. From Journeyman Cabinet Maker to Fitness Entrepreneur Brett has built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia. Brett is a man on a mission and is living the dream life of a young successful entrepreneur.

Brett is now taking his mission to the next level…. To help the generations of entrepreneurs and professionals realize their true potential and assume a life of freedom and abundance that is possible for all who dare to take charge of their destiny.

In this episode, Brett and I discuss:

  • Not staying “stuck” in something that doesn’t inspire you.
  • Brett’s views on Living Intentionally
  • Brett’s “Success equation”
  • Awareness
  • How you want to be perceived in this world
  • Are you present in the moment
  • How Brett strives to be intentional
  • Getting feedback from others in your life about how you can improve
  • Design your own destiny
  • Putting your intentions into action and overcoming “bad days”
  • Getting your story right

Listen to my interview with Brett Campbell now!

Resources in this episode:

Brett’s Website

Interesting tid-bits…

Favorite movie: Inception

Favorite saying: Done is better than perfect

What book is on your nightstand right now? The great conversation collection