Charles D. Lightfoot III, a Husband, Father and Brother to his community, from an early age always sought to find ways to help people.  Working alongside the proud men and women of  the Oakland Fire Dept in Oakland CA since 2004, his experiences fueled the fire (pun intended)  to help people on a larger scale.   Always looking for a challenge, he believes that although it’s an amazing experience to have been able to save the lives of those in a moment of need, it’s an even more amazing experience to impact the lives of people that may not have known they were in need.  His life’s purpose is to help people raise their own self-awareness by owning their power and assisting them in moving in the direction of their own passion in life. He uses this intentionality to mentor at risk youth as well as assist business owners in achieving their goals in sales, marketing and leadership.

  •  Charles father gave him the nickname “Professor” because he was always asking questions and always learning.
  •  Why he wants to understand other people and himself.
  •  How his time in direct sales affected his life.
  •  His time as a fireman and the preparation he went to and how he felt after he was rejected from the fire service.
  •  His experience in saving lives.
  •  His thoughts on habits/actions vs. reacting to stimulus.
  •  He always asks himself “What am I committed to creating today?”
  •  The circular thinking of 1) beliefs, 2) sensory perception and 3) the thoughts and actions that result from these things.
  •  His goal to take control of his life while allowing for creativity.
  •  His daily plan and how pritorizes his time.
  •  The times he has had to talk to people who were contemplating suicide.

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Fun Facts About Charles:

Favorite Movie: The Matrix… The whole story of self awareness and it’s maturation into a force that nothing outside of it could stop struck deep chord in me as I see my life’s purpose being to help people raise their own self awareness and to get that moving into action towards their own passion in life.

Favorite Saying: Clear Intentions Yield Clear Results…

What Book is on your Nightstand Right Now? Tim Ferriss, Tools of Titans, The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday & The 7 Principles Of Making Marriage Work by John Gottman