I hosted a Webinar earlier this afternoon titled What’s on your Checklist for Success?  and I had a great conversation with Dave Thompson (Quintiles), Julia Gaebler (Health Advances) and Terrie Livingston (Biogen Idec.)! We talked about some of the challenges of conducting health services research studies and clinical trials in today’s environment. One of the great things about having this diverse panel is they each brought unique perspectives to the discussion – with additional synergies given their experiences and expertise! The slides from today’s conversation are here Checklist for Success_v0_2.

Some of the highlights from the conversation included:

  • Collaboration with patient advocacy groups and patients is increasing; however, that doesn’t come without challenges of timing your interactions. We want to collect data in real-time that is relevant without disrupting the “natural” process of the delivery of healthcare services.
  • There are multiple touch points with patients but depending on the design and study need, the touch points with patients should vary.
  • While some studies are conducted post-approval, there is increasing efforts to engage the R&D groups earlier in the process. And reciprocally, there is a greater need for R&D groups to reach out to clinical and medical affairs when developing their studies as well.
  • Some times there can be “too many cooks in the kitchen” and what is initially a well-intentioned involvement can turn into delays and disagreements on decision making

Stay tuned for a recording of the Webinar as well as an additional white paper!