In this episode, I talk with Christopher Cumby, In his own words, he’s a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Dreamer and Achiever. He teaches people how to become successful doing something they love, and work less. He’s the author of the Success Playbook, teaching go-getters to advance to the top of their game. He’s the ‘kick-ass sales guy’, and helps many companies meet their sales goals.

In this episode, Christopher and I discuss:

  • Choosing to go the path less traveled
  • How personal growth translates to business
  • Why we must always be learning and changing
  • Walk as far as you can see, and you’ll see a little further
  • Having a strong foundation – when you go deep, you can go high
  • Classifying everything- is it important? Is it relevant?
  • Why research is important
  • Learning to listen to yourself
  • Staying teachable

Listen to my interview with Christopher Cumby now!

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