How many of you have heard this before…?

– Get out of your comfort zone!
– Do something that scares you!
– Try something new!
– Push yourself, you will go farther than you think!

And you know what? They are right!

This isn’t anything new but it’s true that we grow, professionally and personally when we challenge ourselves – and that often times means doing something uncomfortable.

The bad news – there isn’t an easy way.

The good news – you aren’t alone!

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a person who is often up for a challenge. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, reading this Post right now. You like to learn new things and you don’t like being stagnant, doing the same thing all of the time. Yes, there are routines we like (having your morning coffee, your afternoon tea, your daily exercise…). But when it comes to your personal, individual self, doing the same thing day in and day out doesn’t cut it.

With that, I share this recent article with you, Doing these 14 uncomfortable things could change your life forever.

And my advice – start with #13:

“Pick just one thing to Master at a time.”

I know it can be tempting to try multiple things at once but give this a try – pick one – either one thing from this list or something from your own, never-ending, to-do list. But pick just one. Like I say to my kids:

“Pick it and stick it.”

Pick one thing and try it out – at least for 7 days. Yes, it takes about 21 days (at least) to fully develop a new habit, but 7 days is enough to start to re-wire your brain to get used to it…

So, who’s up for the Challenge?

What is one uncomfortable thing you will try this week?