How many times this week did you wish you had expected the unexpected?!

In today’s episode of Reflective Friday’s I share a personal experience from earlier today.

Life is, well, Life and it can throw you curve balls. The key question is are you flexible? Are you adaptable?

I was giving a workshop today and I brought my computer with some slides to share, even though I don’t like to use many, if any slides during my presentations. Now, to set the stage, I haven’t been traveling as much which has been nice for home life and the family but I don’t have my travel adapters packed like I normally would. And of course, I have a Mac and the plug for the projector was for a PC – AND I didn’t have my travel USB cable.

Long story short, I had to be flexible and think on my feet. Yes, I knew the material but the audience didn’t and I wanted to make sure they could follow along. As luck would have it, today’s workshop was a lot of fun! Because I didn’t have the slides, people were forced to look and interact with me 🙂 What was really interesting is about 10 minutes into the presentation, people put their phones down, FACE down! There were questions, they interrupted me with thoughts, etc. They participated in their group exercise….

So, all in all, not having the slides was one of the best things that could have happened because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been as fun had my computer connected. Being flexible in the moment was critical because it forced me to ask myself “Why am I here in the first place?” Was I there to deliver slides or was I there to give them some great content and help them think of ways they could communicate with their customers and clients better? It was the latter – but it took something unexpected to remind me of my goal.

And here come’s my weekly challenge: The next time something unexpected happens, pause for a moment and think about your reaction. When the unexpected is perceived as “good” that’s an easy one. But when the unexpected is perceived as a “set-back” or “negative” that is when it’s challenging!

Thanks for sharing some time with me today and as always don’t forget to start and end every day with a SMILE!