flex thinking

Week #3 of The 7 Things EVERY Person Should Master: Flexible Thinking and Use of Evidence

We all need to channel our inner-kid and give ourselves permission to think creatively and assess our own situations – and not always just follow the crowd.

5 reasons to practice and master flexible thinking and use of evidence are:

1. It flows naturally from Reading (Week #1) and Inquiry (Week #2). The more we read, the more inquisitive we become and the more comfortable we are with thinking in different ways and using different angles (or evidence to solve a problem)

2. We need to move away from a society that rewards memorization and regurgitation of information. What about the process? As the saying goes “it’s about the journey, not always the destination.”

3. We need to exercise our brains! They get lazy (at least one of the 2 systems [Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow], and the more we exercise them, the less they default to lazy mode and the more they like to be engaged.

4. Related to #2, the less we encourage and inspire creating problem solving in businesses and schools, the higher chance we have of our economy coming to a plateau or declining. Without creative expression and problem solving it’s so hard to innovate and try new things.

5. Being flexible in your thinking and using evidence to make decisions and choices means that you are: alive, vibrant, purposeful and intentional – and most importantly – alive!

What do you do to enhance and encourage flexible thinking and use of evidence?