’tis the crazy holiday season – or at least it is almost fully upon us 🙂

I have been working with some local Domestic Violence shelters and wanted to do something more for them this holiday season. Especially given the state of our country and world right now, we need more of us Women to support and love one another!

So, I am hosting a mini-workshop, Don’t get lost in the Shuffle: Unleash Your Inner Warrior! just in time for the holidays. And the proceeds will go toward local Domestic Violence Shelters here in MA.

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In a nutshell, I work with women to celebrate who we are and support one another in the process. I understand and know that too many of us hide or feel we aren’t good enough or frankly feel lost or exhausted or overwhelmed… Not all of the time – but more than we should.

So, in this fun mini-workshop/girls’ night, for $25 I will:

  • Give us some time to be together! Imagine the energy of fun, amazing women all together…!
  • Share the system I and hundreds of other women use to create and live into their vision/mission/intentions – and how you can turn them into actions every week, every day
  • Includes Vision, Objectives, Targets, Goals and Daily Intentions (your to-do list gets incorporated in there but in a “different” way

And while this is not a quick fix, by the end, you will be on the road (or further along your own road) to:

  • – Get some of your time back
  • – Experience more joy

– Achieve your success, as YOU define it

Who’s with me?

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I appreciate you, your energy and your support! Here’s to finishing 2016 and starting 2017 with a BANG!

With a Smile,


PS – Here’s the link one more time: Click HERE to register!