Welcome to the short week (or I should ask how it has started…)!

In honor or Take Action Tuesday I am sharing Seth Godin’s Blog from the other day: Problems

How often do you let things go a little too long and once you actually step up to take care of the challenge or issue, you say to yourself:

  • “I should have done this sooner?”
  • “Why did I wait so long?”
  • “I saw this one coming…”

Granted, sometimes if we ignore something it goes away…But I’m talking about those ‘things’ like actions or conversations or contracts that you know are there or coming…and you try to avoid them. But not really, because you are still thinking about them…and wondering, imagining what will happen.

Believe me – I have been there. And being completely honest, sometimes I can fall into the trap of letting a small problem or challenge get bigger and then worrying about how it can be fixed…instead of putting on my big girl pants and dealing with it, head on, sooner rather than later.

So, since I like to ask questions, what is something you can take on today or this week? Something you can take care of now and not let it get bigger and have it be more expensive (financially or emotionally or both)?

What can you do to give yourself some slack?