This week has been packed with a LOT of great and exciting things! I have been conducting some great interviews and getting ready for the launching of my Podcast, Living Intentionally with Amy Smalarz – in less than 2 weeks!! I am also working on finalizing the first draft of my book, not to mention keeping up with Blogging for my own website and a couple of others.

All great stuff – just a lot of it. And like many of you, I have been trying to keep track of everything…trying is the key word here 🙂

As I talk about in this week’s video, I went ‘old school’ and put posters and post-its on the wall. Yes, I am using various types of technology and software (Google docs, Asana, my own Google calendar, etc.) and while each of these are useful, I broke down and just put pen to paper.

And a big inspiration for this was Suzi Whitford, creator and writer at Start a Mom Blog. Her post: How to create a Blog vision board and Editorial calendar like an Efficient Lean Boss is the inspiration for this Post – and the picture comes from her post, too. So simple yet so effective!

Putting things on the wall or on a table in front of you are so important.

  • Your brain sees all of it at once. It’s not bits and pieces across various on-line programs.
  • Writing it down, with a pen and paper, engages your brain much more deeply than typing something on a computer or into your phone.
  • You can move things around – and make sense of them.
  • You get organized – mentally and physically

After I went through this process today – and I haven’t finished yet – I was amazed at how much less clutter there was in my brain. I was able to think about upcoming Posts and also about new posts I could write related to older ones.

And don’t be fooled – these organizational ideas are for more than just Blogging. It can be used for multiple areas of your life. Yes, it will take time to put together and yes, it will take time to organize. But anything worth having is worth working for – so why not work smarter, not always harder?