What I’m grateful for this year…

  1. That I live in a community with friends who lift each other up and support one another. In a year of sad news and tragedy for those I love and care for, seeing people drop everything else and focus on what’s important – friends, family, children brings joyful tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.
  2. To have friends that don’t have time for drama and don’t even bother to talk about those who do. Honestly, life is too short and I don’t need to make it any shorter by ‘worrying’ about not having the latest boots, the ‘right’ car, the ‘perfect’ house…honestly, not sure any of those exist.
  3. To have made some amazing, life-long connections with people that are ‘my’ people. Not people I want to impress or say ‘I know them’ but people who are doing good for others, contributing and truly care about making the world a better place.
  4. Meeting and speaking with some amazing, power house women! I am always beyond amazed by the women I get to meet when I speak or run a workshop. They are so beautiful and strong and it’s truly life changing to see them see themselves in a new light, through a different lens – and grow into what they see.
  5. That my boys tried a different summer camp this year. One that wasn’t about sports but about learning something different. And that they were so excited when it came time to complete the early registration for next year. They can’t wait to go next summer!
  6. That my 7 year old son’s teacher taught him to knit and he loves it. He enjoys making hats so we spend time, him knitting and me reading or working on a puzzle (I tried knitting and let’s just say it’s NOT my thing) and our conversations are ones I will always treasure.
  7. That my 9 year old still gives me hugs and asks me to play with him. He is getting bigger every day…and taller (which completely freaks me out!) but he will still give me a hug after a soccer or basketball game…in front of his friends!
  8. That in a year of rebuilding my company and refocusing my work I am collaborating, helping and working with people I know I was meant to.
  9. To my husband. He is my rock, my soul mate. Yes, I drive him completely bananas (what can I say, I’m good at that…) but he still just shakes his head (often times in disbelief), gives a sigh and eventually a smile and says, Okay, Amy!

Some big things. Some small things. But all important things.

What are you grateful for this year? Heck, just today?

Give yourself a gift today and bring some positivity to your mind and body today!

With a Smile,