No, I don’t mean your to-do list which probably only gets longer every day. to do list

What I mean is, have you checked your Real-World Evidence checklist lately?

Each of us have stakeholders that we need to engage but we you engaging the right stakeholders at the right time in the right way? During the 1st Ever Virtual Summit on RWE, I presented a draft of the RWE Checklist, which comes from years of working with and collaborating with clients in multiple areas. Over 85 people have provided comments and input on the Checklist to make it relevant and useful. Take a minute to review the checklist here and send me your comments.

Just like a healthcare economic model, the model’s results or outputs are only as good as the inputs (garbage in = garbage out). We are all striving to clean up our research and study processes so take a minute to share your 2 cents worth today!