You may have seen this on LinkedIn recently. It’s so important to let people work the best way they can – they shine! But what about your customers? Do you take time to listen to what they want – or do you try to convince them about what you think they need?

leading introverts and extrovertsAt the end of the day, customers are people, too. And while I’m not a fan of categories or “buckets” people usually fall into either the extrovert or introvert bucket. Personally, I see some of myself in both buckets, but I know my tendencies are toward one and not necessarily toward the other. The same goes for customers. While they may have tendencies for both groups, they will usually lean toward one of them.

If you want to Communite to be Heard, not just to talk, knowing your customers and their tendencies will go a long way. Some people like to go back and forth in conversation to think, while others need time alone to think and process ideas and options. If you give an extrovert time to think alone or if you ask an introvert to talk outloud – you have lost your audience.

Take time to get to know your audience – let people work the best way they can – potentialThey will shine!