In this week’s episode of Reflective Fridays, I share a personal story about living with intention.

Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to make it through the day – especially when it feels like you have been thrown one or one hundred curve balls throughout the day!

Why does that happen? How is it that sometimes the day just gets away from us??!?!

One BIG reason we lose focus or things get away from us or we get thrown off track is because we did not set an intention of what we wanted to accomplish. It’s not something that has to take an hour. Give yourself 5 minutes in the morning and ask this question:

What do I want to accomplish today?

Simple question – yes. But beware because your brain will start to rattle off a to-do list. And guess what? It’s a trap! A to-do list is not the same as setting an Intention for the day. A to-do list implies you are running around trying to check things off. An Intention is deliberate. You are not running around. Instead you are making conscious choices about your actions and asking:

Will this get me closer to fulfilling my Intention today?

So, how does all of this fit into my personal story today you are asking…

Today is a snow day, which means the kids are home from school. But my work and obligations don’t go away just because school is closed. So, knowing school was going to be closed this morning, I set the following daily intentions:

  • Set a schedule with the boys (to keep all of us honest and not let the day slip away)
  • Making sure I have time to spend with the boys and the neighbors kids
  • Being laser-focused when working today because I really need to be efficient; no distractions

Having said this, nothing is perfect and we about half-way through the day. So far, so good – or at least not too bad. We did set our schedule and have followed it pretty well. I have spent some time with the kids but will be going outside for a snowball fight soon. And as for work, I have been pretty focused but caught myself a couple of times drifting off.

And all of that is okay, actually great! Because I can tell you from past experience and previous years when I did not set daily intentions, I felt overwhelmed, tired, like there wasn’t enough time in the day, etc.

So, here’s my challenge to you this week:

Do you make a habit of setting one or more daily intentions? If not, try doing it for 3 days and see how the days go. You may just be pleasantly surprised at how you feel as if you have more time in the day, you feel less rushed and some decisions are easier to make because you know from the get-go that they won’t serve you or your daily intention.

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me and as always don’t forget to start and end every day with a SMILE!