In a recently published piece by FierceHealthCare, Healthcare should adopt culture of experimentation to grow new ideas, Cara Sterling, director of Harvard Business School’s Health Care Initiative was interviewed about the need of innovation in healthcare.

One reason innovation is slow is that healthcare is extremely fragmented, Cara Sterling, director of Harvard Business School’s Health Care Initiative, toldFierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview. Sterling helped lead a collaborative effort between the university’s business and medical schools called the Forum on Healthcare Innovation.

“Obviously healthcare is very local, but it’s also very siloed, because there’s so much specialization within the industry,” Sterling says. “It takes much, much longer for innovations to be transmitted because of this fragmentation and localization.”

While I agree with her statements, here is my struggle. They needed to put money into the development of a collaborative to reach that conclusion?!

I could have told you that!

Instead of funding the discussions about the need for innovation, why not fund actions that lead to innovation? It reminds me of the cancer studies that cost millions and millions of dollars to report that breathing in toxic chemicals into your lungs is harmful. Seriously?!

Regardless of your industry, innovation and continual improvement is a necessity – not a finding from a study. It should be how we live our lives, day in and day out.

We don’t need the same people to be sitting around the same mahogany table discussing what needs to be done.

We DO need people to be active (we don’t have time to sit and chat…) who truly care about making improvements. We need to seek out our fellow activists and do what we know is right – and spend money toward those efforts.

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It’s time to be a player, not someone who sits on the sidelines. Where are you sitting? Or better yet, where are you standing?