Today is one of my favorite holidays because it’s actually meaningful. It is a day to remember a great and strong man. It is a day that serves as a reminder that there is always work to be done to help to improve our human society. Not just becuase there is still discrimination but because people still don’t always see each other as people. Too often, we view a person as an “other” instead of as a person. Viewing people as “others” makes it easy to ignore them, say they are weaker, abuse them and not include them. Acknowledging that someone is a person makes it harder to do those things as it brings them closer to home.


One of his hopes is captured in the quote pictured here. How close are we do this dream? What can we do with our children to make this a reality? What can we do with each other to make this a reality? What can we do as a society to make this come true?

Today is a day to remember but it’s also a day to remind us that our actions EVERYday speak volumes. What are your actions saying?