In a FiercePharma story today, it was reported that:

The FTC suied Abbot Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceuticals for allegedly striking a deal to keep an AndroGel copycat off the market.

But, in all honesty, is anyone really surprised?


I didn’t think so. As you may recall, the FTC has gone after AstraZeneca, Ranbaxy and Endo Pharma with “pay-for-delay” challenges.

What I find really interesting in all of this is I haven’t heard the drug manufacturers (neither the brands nor generics) discuss their development of medications for the patients – who are the ones buying them and taking them! As usual, the focus is on the financial component, which is critical – but not singular. Treating people with diseases is complex, and while it’s definitely a business, often times the patients, and even clinicians are left behind.

left behind

So, what could the FTC focus on? How about finding out if patients really want or feel they need a generic brand of a drug? How about asking clinicians if they want or feel the need to prescribe a specific type of drug? Getting straight to the heart of the matter that way make result on the “pay-for-delay” discussions being replaced by “need and desire for” discussions.