Born and raised in France, I had this wonderful opportunity to live in Los Angeles, California in my 20’s, Paris, France in my 30’s and Geneva, Switzerland since 2007.  My career was not a straight line, but rather an experimental field where I worked for many very different organizations thinking that at some point, I will find my true calling.  Today, I am a Career Consultant, Entrepreneur and Writer motivated to help you achieve your career goals.  No matter which functions and companies you worked for, I will quickly understand the business environment and be a resource for you.I created Pleiades HC because my clients are a constellation of stars who need to find the right opportunity that will make them shine.  My work emphasizes developing your autonomy and building your skills in order to deal with a challenging workplace.   Some of the organizations I worked for: Aon Hewitt Consulting, Prudential, Crédit Agricole Investments, Kelloggs.

In this episode, Isabelle and Amy talk about:

  • Accepting the transitions that need to happen to make your life what you’ve imagined
  • The ‘ten year’ overnight success
  • Using the tools available to create your own lifestyle job
  • Use your objectives to create your rhythm and find freedom
  • Matching your values with how you’re living, and your career
  • Getting comfortable with listening to your instincts
  • Getting beyond the fear
  • Why she’s determined to teach people to become empowered
  • Outlining your priorities and your main objectives
  • Learning to listen

Listen to my episode with Isabelle now!

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Fun Facts About Isabelle:

Favorite Movie: Gone with the wind

Favorite Saying: Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now (comes from my mother)

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