Yes, I know, this is something we hear a lot – “Just change your perspective!” Or even better, “Is your glass half-empty or half-full?” This cliche in particular gives me pause…so much so that I dedicated a Reflective Friday’s episode to this a few months ago. 

Your values define your value and shapes the lens through which you see the world. I deeply believe this because true to the featured image of this blog post, the way you look at things, i.e., your lens, will often times dictate your perspective. The clearer our lens, the more focused we become. If our lens becomes foggy or clouded (or hair gets in your face), it’s harder to see where you are going, what options or choices you have.

When we don’t see clearly, our decisions aren’t always as good as they could be and then we wonder how we end up down paths that may not be in our best interest.

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My dad always had a saying when I was growing up that sticks with me today. He would tell me, “Amy, stand up straight and look the world in the eye.” 

  • What would your world look like if you did that?
  • What would you see if you stood up straight and looked the world in the eye? 

I realize that this question may not always be an easy one but give it a try today. What do you see? What is your perspective?