A colleague of mine brought this recent article to my attention: http://themorningconsult.com/2014/10/columns-med-sync-pharmacists-medication/. It’s another great example of how our underutilized frontline providers can make a difference in patients’ lives – and reap benefits for our healthcare system overall.

Like other great programs, Medication synchronization is not “rocket science” but it is common sense – filling all of a patient’s prescriptions on one day. What a great way to keep track of what a patient is taking and how often! It’s more convenient for the patient (just need to pick up scripts once a month) and it makes it easier for the pharmacists to keep track of any potential harmful mixing of medications when they are able (or forced) to review them all together. While this doesn’t address the issues around when medications are prescribed and how often, it at least addresses when they are filled and being able to identify potential harm.


I’m working on a collaborative effort to explore the characteristics (demographic, behavioral and clinical) of people view pharmacists as their trusted healthcare provider. Like it or not (and many docs do not – just look at legislation efforts in New York state and others) pharmacists are an underutilized resource in the healthcare system. They do so much more than dispense medication – and it’s about time they are recognized for their full potential.