Every day is important – every theme is important, every step is important. But there are some that exist as the backbone of all the others — and to me, the day – the theme- that may seem as frivolous to some is one of the most important.

Treat yourself Thursday.

What does that bring to your mind?  

Images of spa days, new clothes, shoes — even a stop by your favorite bakery?

Well, yes.  Maybe.  

But it’s even more than that.

So much more.  

Treating yourself is allowing yourself room to develop and grow and dream.

Maya Angelou, an absolute hero of mine, used this very vision of mine in her own glorious words, drawing together both the motivation behind Treat Yourself Thursday and our Movement Month when she said  

“Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise.” — Maya Angelou

I rise. I rise.  I RISE.  Yes.  And there is no greater treat than to work so hard to give yourself wings.  With these wings you can do all things – you can reform, you have the strength to face challenges.

How do you treat yourself? What does that mean to you?

The answer can be as varied as are the people who read this, but to me – and perhaps to you – I need to be still.

I need to take a moment and breathe. Allow the chaos of the day to melt away and find my balance.  I need to shut it all down, turn it all off, and allow myself the freedom to do what brings me peace.

What brings you peace?

Whether it be meditation, yoga, prayer, or something entirely different, allow yourself that stillness to regain your strength – therein lies the biggest step towards Movement of all.  You cannot breed change if you do not have the strength.  

Treat yourself – whatever that means to you.

Find a way to be still, to be whole – and find your direction.