You have heard me talk a lot about slowing it down and getting back to the basics lately. And that’s because it is something we all can do more of. I realize some of you reading this may think that this is ‘advice’ only for some and not you. But I have a couple of questions for you.

When was the last time you said to yourself, “Wow, I need to speed up today!” or “Hey, let me see how more complex I can make this! It’s far too easy right now.”

I’m guessing not too often…?

I realize what I’m about to say may be considered by some as cliche but I’m going to say it anyway. There are times in our lives, each day actually, when we need to Just…Be…

We don’t have to do anything spectacular or amazing or groundbreaking. We just need to be in the moment, with ourselves, with another person, but grounded. I realize it is something that may not be popular to say but we can all take time for ourselves. Time is our most precious gift and not enough of you guard it, protect it. You give it away.

Another piece to this puzzle is that you can be going so fast though your day or just working to check off boxes that you don’t take a breath and just look around, just take in, Just…Be…

There are 2 examples that stick out to me this week that I want to share with you so you can picture and think about some of your own situations.

Client story
I recently launched a new coaching program. It is shorter in length but a bit more intensive. I am really enjoying it and more importantly, my clients are really thriving! I can hear it in their voices and see it on their faces [when we use Skype]. And here’s the kicker, it’s the ‘little’ things in life that they are happy about:
Drinking more water right when they wake up
Putting their Guiding Words where they can see them every day
Raising their hand to be first for a project at work, when normally that’s not something they would do

Now, a couple of years ago, while I would have been happy for them and said ‘congratulations’ but today, now, I really take a beat to celebrate them and what they are doing. They are making positive changes! They feel more in control! They sound happy…and that’s awesome. Instead of just checking off a ‘mental’ box of ‘they got it” I take real time and acknowledgement – and I know that they can sense it, feel it.

Personal story
I’m writing this Blog post as I’m flying to California. My flight was 7:15am so I had to get up at 4:45am in order to make it. I made it by 15 minutes [but that’s a story for another time]…but I’m a bit tired. Although I’m not tired for reasons you would expect.

I’m a morning person so the 4:45am wake-up call wasn’t hard – but my sons waking up 4 times in the middle of the night was. I am out of practice at waking up in the middle of the night multiple times…my boys are 7 and 8 but last night they both woke up – and at different times!
It would have been easy to be aggravated. I mean, come on! I was getting up early! Don’t they know I need my sleep?! But instead of being aggravated or using an ‘edge’ to my voice [parents know this voice…it’s got an edge of annoyance yet trying to be loving at the same time] I took a deep breath to see what was going on.

I gave them some water, tucked them back in, etc. But each son, at different times, asked if I could lay in bed with them. Now, neither of them have asked this in a long time and part of me thinks it’s because they knew I was going to be traveling for 4 days. Yet, at those moments, I didn’t care. They wanted me to lay with them – and as I lay next to them, I could feel their bodies relax, breath deep and fall back asleep.

And when I thought about it on the drive to the airport, I realized that they just wanted me to BE with them. Nothing frilly, exciting, expensive, etc. They just wanted to lay with me. And my presence relaxed them and I thoroughly enjoyed that time with them. No, I cherish that time and will hold it in my heart.

Now both of these may seem like silly examples to you or they may totally resonate with you – I’m not sure. But they both demonstrate that sometimes others want us to Just…Be…

With them
Supporting them
Listening to them
Sharing a moment with them

How much time have you given yourself today to Just…Be…?