Think back to a time when you were working on something that was really important to you and you wanted to make it perfect… You wanted to make sure the words were right, the tone was appropriate, your message gets across the way you want it to, etc.

That was me earlier today. As many of you know, I recently finished a 5-Day Living Intentionally Challenge with a group of amazing, awesome people! I got so much out of it and was so motivated by the group that I decided to launch one of my upcoming programs a month early – just for them!

Great, right. But here’s the catch – I found myself spending almost an hour “fiddling” with the email I was sending along with my video. Now, I wrote a draft of the email yesterday so I was planning on 10-15 minutes of editing and then hitting “send.” But it took me a lot longer than that – and the funny part is, I would guess that had I taken a screen shot 10 minutes in and then one just before hitting send that it was pretty close to being the same thing. Sure, I added in a few more points and found a grammatical mistake, but all in all, it was probably pretty much the same.

So, why am I sharing this today? I hope you read this and realize that you can actually get more of your time back by recognizing that “sent” is better than perfect. Spoiler alert – there is no perfect! There is the buggy 80/20 rule that sounds something like: it takes you 20% of your time to get 80% of the way there and a lot more than 80% of time and energy to finish the remaining pieces.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put time and energy into making something that is amazing. But what I am saying is that you know when you are working and when you are futzing.

Remember the idea of Business vs. Busyness?


Don’t get “busy” with the last minute fixes. Get down to Business – and hit “send!”