Yes, I know it’s Friday and a time to reflect – and I promise – I will do that later today. But in my few minutes I allow myself to peruse headlines, this one caught my attention. Not because I agree with it, necessarily but because I was curious what the 6 reasons were.

6 Reasons Women Still Aren’t Getting Paid What They Deserve []

After reading this short article, I would love to hear your thoughts. I realize this subject is talked and written about ad nauseum but I also think a lot of times, authors miss the boat. Here are the 6 reasons for reference:

1. I lucked into my success
2. The world should be fair
3. I must be perfect and do everything right
4. Avoid conflict at all costs
5. I need to protect myself from failure
6. It’s my job to make sure people are happy

Honestly, to me, these 6 reasons sound like EXCUSES and it has got a bit under my skin. I disagree that it’s just women who succumb to some of these ‘reasons.’ We, and I mean people, human beings, may hear some of these voices in our heads – and for me, especially it used to be the “I must be perfect and do everything right…” And I don’t know about you but success I have had has not come from luck. It has come from work, dedication and passion.

But are these reasons women may not be paid the same as a man in the same job? Really?

I know this can be a sensitive subject, which makes it all the more important to talk about. Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, started the movement of “Knowing Your Value” which was based on one of her books. I have read this book and I highly recommend it, especially for younger people in high school and college.

My take on the subject?

I think it starts with the person. If you don’t feel that you are of value there is absolutely no WAY you are going to ask to be compensated what you are worth. You need to love and respect and trust yourself first and THEN others will do the same. It starts with you…

Many of you who know me understand that I don’t take excuses very often, actually not much at all. As human beings, we have a tremendous gift of complex thinking and action. We have choices to make. But our beliefs influence our thoughts which influence our actions.

“Our beliefs influence our thoughts which influence our actions.”

If we don’t believe in ourselves, then we don’t think we are worthy. If we don’t think we are worthy, we don’t act strong and confident. And that is how others see us and interact with us.

So, in the end, it’s up to us to develop that belief in ourselves, which enables us to have positive thoughts, which then enables us to have positive actions – and be perceived in an overall positive and influential light.

While it may sound simple, it’s not always easy to build and maintain our internal beliefs – but that is where it all starts…

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree and why?