Kord Angelucci, or affectionally known as Coach Kord, has been a sports coach for over 20 years.  Kord’s mission is to help children find their God-given talent which will provide confidence that often leads to success.  Kord has ADHD and dyslexia which was difficult for him to handle as a child in school and conditioned him with the fixed mindset that he was stupid.  Kord realized at a young age that he needed to focus on what he was good at, sports.  Kord is incredibly lucky to have found his talent and encourages parents to take responsibility and not let public education condition their child’s mindset to feel like a failure.  Kord’s message is to urge parents to expose their children to all aspects of learning in hopes of finding your child’s innate gift.

In this episode, Kord and I discuss:

  • Finding your childs innate, god-given talents
  • Focusing on what can be positively measured
  • Getting comfortable with pushing yourself
  • Being reminded that you’re at the helm
  • Being proud of yourself
  • Being comfortable with who you are
  • Serving your personal mission
  • Being aware and reconditioning yourself to level-up

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Fun Facts about Kord:

What is your favorite movie? Forrest Gump
What is your (or one of your) favorite sayings?   Be the change you want to see in the world
What book or books are on your nightstand right now?  Mindset by Carol Dweck