She is a born leader and the more she steps into that role, the more beautiful she becomes. The more her light shines. 

This is what I wrote about a friend of mine who has been doing some amazing things. Like some of you, she knew there was more inside of her but she was trying to figure out how to expose it, get it out…

She went to a retreat or two, reached out to some folks and read my book. And then, something clicked. You know like when you have been mulling something over and then someone says something or does something or you see something – and it just clicks? It was like that.

For me, I had that exact moment when I saw Glennon Doyle Melton speak at the MA Conference for Women back in December and I wrote about that in HuffPost – click HERE. During her talk/fireside chat (without the fire…it was inside on a stage) the title of the book I have been thinking about just ran through me, from my heart to my mind to my fingers, Unleashing Your Inner Warrior: Your Road to Unbecoming. And it felt amazing and I knew that was it…no questions asked. And I haven’t looked back. In fact, I have been interviewing women for the book, writing over 1,000 words/day and it feels amazing.

But back to my friend – she had that ah-ha moment when she heard about the Million Women March that is happening on Saturday in Washington, D.C. Now, before you get emotional, this is not about politics but about a fire that got lit inside of her. She knew this was something she had to do. So, she decided to go.

And then she thought about asking some friends to go.

And then she thought about asking more people to go and getting a bus to take them there.

And then there were so many who said yes that she has now filled two buses – over 100 women.

And then she reached out to a Sister Church in D.C. to ask about sleeping arrangements.

And now she is preparing to leave MA tomorrow with over 100 women to do something that has great and deep meaning for her.

All because one fire was lit inside.

She didn’t go straight to reserving and filling the 2 buses – it started with small steps. Commit to go. Asking friends to go. Asking more people to go. Organizing a way to get everyone there. Finding a place to sleep.

Being the Leader.

But it all starts with one idea, one fire, one thing that just gets you going.

I’m not saying everyone should organize to buses to go to DC to March in Washington. That’s not for everyone. But what I am saying is that your idea, the one thing that gets you going, gives you energy – are you giving it time and space to grow? Are you fueling your own fire?

All of this brings to mind a book I read to my boys at least once a month: WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA? It’s about a little boy who has an idea and tries to ignore it…and it just won’t go away. And finally, he gives it love, time and space to grow. So, I will close with the final pages of the book:

Then, one day, something amazing happened. My idea changed right before my very eyes. It spread it’s wings, took flight and burst into the sky.

I don’t know how to describe it, but it went from being here to being everywhere. It wasn’t just a part of me anymore…it was now a part of everything.

And then, I realized what you do with an idea…

You change the world.