My guest in this episode is Bearj Jehanian, a former high school band director turned Maximum Potential speaker, crediting his passion for motivational speaking to a chance viewing of a broadcast given by motivational speaker Les Brown. He dedicated his time towards expanding his mind and increasing his capacity to gathering the skills and principles for successful application of the skills that bring excellence.

In this episode, Bearj and I discuss:

  • What to do with your ‘aha’ moments
  • What Living Intentionally means to Bearj
  • What sailing and living have in common
  • Having a theme for your day, week, month, year … life
  • Realizing that struggle is universal
  • Choosing to define your life instead of letting your burdens define your life
  • Getting happiness settled first, and the rest will fall into place
  • Making conscious decisions
  • Getting yourself in gear and finding the right perspective

Listen to my interview with Bearj now!