This week I have a lot to reflect on. And thank you to all that reached out to me after reading Monday’s Blog Post: You are not alone… It meant a lot to me and honestly, I have to say that while I have been on the giving end of that statement many times, being on the receiving end was really impactful.

There are many things that happen to us throughout the day but as I say in this week’s video, each day is a gift, an opportunity.

That realization hit me all to hard earlier this week. So much so that I channeled my emotions and energy into revamping my website, adding in some videos and really conveying what my message has been:

Living Intentionally!

I encourage you to watch this week’s episode. Yes, it’s a bit longer than most but I also talk about this week’s challenge. I challenge you to write down a daily intention, in the morning, close to right after you wake up. Whether it be to not be grumpy before your first cup of coffee or to make 5 calls to prospective clients or to put your phone or device away during dinner, start your day with an intention. Believe me, it’s contagious because after you achieve one you will want more. And that’s the whole point – to expect and want more out of life!

As always, thank you for sharing some of your time with me this week and don’t forget to start and end every day with a SMILE!