Living with intention is living with personal power to accomplish your highest aspirations and goals. But how do you know that you are truly living with intention? What does it look like? What does it feel like? There are moments of activity in our life that are certainly driven by intention, but how do we harness the Energy of Intention to guide us to do more, serve more and be more? Amy Smalarz and her Intentional Living crusade has me asking these questions on a daily basis. She haunts me with these questions… but in a loving and supportive way. Imagine being the person of your dreams, living the life of your dreams and knowing exactly what you should be doing as you move through your life. Living with intention is living with ultimate freedom. Amy Smalarz is my tour guide for Intentional Living.

Jeff Moore

Founder, Thursday Night Boardroom Global Mastermind

Creating Intentions is nothing new.



But taking time to be Intentional every day can be a challenge.

Having the time to not only think about your Intentions but plan how you will implement them.



But what process do you use? How do you keep up with it each day? Every week?


Do you struggle to show up with conviction and responsiveness?



Are you ready to make the shift from scrambling and distracted into an intentional, focused and more fulfilling personal and professional life?

Have the courage to put yourself first.

With the right processes and proper guide to gain clarity and momentum



This requires a level of presence and confidence – and willingness to work to make it happen for you attitude. 



The problem is that many people do not put themselves first, don’t feel as if they have the time or energy to create intentions and end up running in their self-made ‘rat-race,’ feeling stuck or thinking ‘this is the way it has to be’ and end up not focusing on the things that really matter. 




You recognize that while you are busy doing a lot of ‘things’ you are not as focused or as deliberate or as Intentional as you want to be. 

Honestly, you may often feel there is “more” you can do, “more” you want out of life but you’re stuck in your own self-made bubbles that prevent you from seeing what is really out THERE.

Living Intentionally has less to do with perfect planning than your willingness to take action, take a risk and unleash your inner Warrior and rediscover who you truly are – even though you’re trying to just keep yourself together right now.

Defining and Implementing Intentions in your daily life has nothing to do with grit or hustle or hard work.

It has everything to do with intention, action, and courage…to bring your truest, best self to you and those around you.


I believe that anyone can Live Intentionally if you’re DEDICATED.

YOU want to stop just surviving.

YOU want to wake up each day and look forward to what’s ahead.

YOU want to stop having your circumstances dictated to you.

And …

1. You are already a rock star and are perceived by others as having it ‘all together.’ You are often the ‘go-to’ person. You get it done.

2. You are a strong person, mentally and physically. Even though you often don’t give yourself enough credit – you bring it each and every day.

3. You know how to make LIFE fun – when you give yourself the time and space.

4. You are involved in your community and you want to bring more to those around you – and not feel so exhausted, tired and as frustrated as you sometimes do.

5. You have a skilled and experienced Leader who holds you to a higher standard than you see in yourself. A coach who believes ANYTHING is possible for you. And never tolerates any sort of small thinking.

The Leader Is Me: AMY SMALARZ

I’m actively seeking 100 people who are tired of being tired, want to unleash their Inner Warrior, want to stop their lame excuses and who aren’t making the traction you know you’re capable of in your business, at work, at home…in your LIFE.

You are ready to finally ready to live, not just survive each day, wake up each day with a vigor and excitement and dictate your own circumstances – in a fun, environment designed to support and celebrate YOU.

While there are many self-help books and courses out there on how to get organized and accomplish in life what YOU want to do, I found Amy’s program more helpful than others in figuring out ways to balance your life with kids, work, home, AND yourself! Amy keeps in mind that it is not just you involved in this whole process of life balance, but you need to combine your wants with what others want from you-like your kids, your community, your husband. I found Amy’s program and process to be very current, in terms of what we as Moms are facing today with how to achieve our goals.

Julie Ann Eason

author of The Work at Home Success Guide and The Profitable Business Author

Amy Smalarz takes the art and science of living well and makes it relatable and do-able for anyone interested in reclaiming or staking their claim for the first time on their own land of personal greatness. She guides people through her method of what I would call “personal architecture” as she teaches them how to (in her words):

“Break down the structure of the house to see what it’s made of. Design it for the people who will be living there so it reflects them, their style, their personality. Rebuild it.”

Amy brings expertise and experience with designing and building a magnificent “home” for your optimal self, and those you love, to flourish.

Ava Diamond

Diamond Mind Studies

The Mastery of Intention 

Find out how to define, adjust, and clarify your Intentions so that you can connect with your family, your employees, promote success, and bring intention to the workday…to your home and your LIFE.

In Mastery of Intention, we’ll focus on cultivating and creating your Intentional Family, providing Intentional Influence, and cultivating Intentional Energy. Just to name a few…



We kick off every Week on Sunday evenings – at 7:00 pm EST – with a Weekly Intention Setting: an unforgettable training that will help you …

– Trust yourself – and trust the Universe – so you always achieve your BIG PICTURE goals.

– Understand the energy & flow of Intentions – so you can experience more success & freedom.

– Leverage and position yourself to manifest new opportunities – so you can reach your highest potential.

– Unleash your Inner Warrior – Transform yourself into a woman so powerful and so on top of it – you won’t even recognize yourself.


PLUS, on each Weekly Intention Setting I open up the lines to give you one of a kind personalized coaching.

I NEVER give out generic advice or cookie cutter templates. That doesn’t work and I’m always PRESENT with you.

Instead, I’ll be asking you questions that expand your opportunities, give you instant clarity on exactly what to do next so you can set your Intentions for each day.

Because when ALL aspects of you show up and your intentionality goes from 10% to 100%, amazing things happen.

Not only do you become clear on what you want and how to get it, but the Universe works in your favor like never before.

Doors that were previously shut swing wide open; new opportunities land in your inbox; the right people show up in your life to help you; you get your time back – no matter what things look like on the outside.

And you turn your INTENTIONS into ACTIONS.


On Mondays you’ll fill out an Action & Accountability Report.

Not only will these short reports help you set and achieve your weekly goals, business and/or personal, they’ll get you motivated and excited to wake up each day and share your wins in our private Facebook group.

On Fridays, you’ll fill out a Weekly Wrap-Up.

Better and more rewarding than a happy hour after an exhausting work week, the Friday wrap-up is all about noticing and celebrating your progress — as well as keeping a keen eye on the obstacles that could derail you (and adjusting as necessary). Because celebrating your small wins and sharing your learnings each week are so, so powerful!

When you take the few minutes necessary to complete these reports each week, it’s like the Universe starts to give you carte blanche — whatever you desire, it’s yours.


It’s important for you to stay on track – so you can email me if:

You’ve got a quick question. Like, I feel stuck today! Help! … or, I’m working on setting my Intentions today and was wondering…

You have something exciting to share. Like, holy moly, I just made 10K this week!

You need a pep talk and a pick me up. Like, Amy, help me believe I can do this!!!

And I’ll email you back a.s.a.p. with a no fluff, no bullshit, personalized response that will help you take the right kind of action so you can make your Intentions a reality. Because I respond to all of my emails. Not a robot, not an automated response. It’s me.


Packed with the coolest people I know, this virtual club is also a place where lifelong friendships are formed, connections and referrals are made, and deals get done.

It’s not a place to just like a post and move on. It’s a place to ask questions and share things with other amazing people like yourself who are already rock stars but want ‘more’ – whatever that ‘more’ is for you. I’m not here to get fans. I’m here to help you turn your INTENTIONS into ACTIONS.


As soon as you join, I’ll email you Mastery of Intention 101: a bonus MP3 + worksheet that will put you on the fast-track to start thinking about and setting your intentions that will help you achieve your BIG PICTURE goals.

Then when you’re done filling out the worksheet, you’ll email it to me. I’ll save it to my computer, print it up. Put it in my file. And promise to hold you accountable to achieving your BIG PICTURE goals and success. After all, that’s why you are joining this Mastery of Intention six (6) month Journey in the first place!

No excuses. No duck & cover. No lady left behind.

Amy Smalarz understands what it means to live a life well focused, and she truly wants to share that knowledge with you.

If you’ve ever found yourself caught in the routine and schedules with no way to find balance, this is for you. Absolutely brilliance.

Living Intentionally has put things into perspective for me! Focusing on what matters most and how to bring that balance to life through guiding words and a new outlook on time management has been eye opening. I am one of those people who wakes up on Monday morning and thinks “here we go again..” but Amy gives you the tools to wake up and appreciate everyday and the time you have to spend with the people you love. She has also inspired me to start a quote wall with my kids so they can learn how powerful it can be to wake up with a positive outlook each day. I know I will be using her “decision tree” going forward and will be going back to redo the “balancing acts” time and time again. Thank you Amy!

The idea of living with intention has a long legacy. From the immortal Dr. Wayne Dyer to the transformational Robin Sharma, great leaders have aspired to help humanity understand the power of living intentionally, and its ability to change lives for the better. No one knows this better than Amy Smalarz. Amy understands that intention cannot be isolated to any one aspect of your life, but must be consistent and congruent across all aspects. Her perspectives are much needed in this world, and I’m excited to watch her make this tremendous contribution.

Alex Charfen

o-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, Author of "Entrepreneurial Personality Type: Your guide to the most important and misunderstood people among us"

Mastery of Intention ISN’T AN INFO PRODUCT. It’s an ongoing accountability, mastermind & mentorship program for women who want help playing a BIGGER game, unleashing your Inner Warrior, getting your time back, experiencing more joy, achieving your success and living each day with GREATER INTENTION.

I’m now accepting 15 new members.

With a smile,

P.S. If you need help joining, please email

The only one missing is YOU. So get yourself signed up. And get a jump start on setting and working toward your INTENTIONS.


MASTERY OF INTENTION is not an info-based program but an accountability, mastermind & mentorship program where you have access to my brain, heart, time, energy and presence.

I create customized solutions for you based on my years of experience at building a business, plus that of the hundreds of women I’ve led through workshops, seminars and coached to live each day with greater intention.

I also tailor my ideas to your unique needs and circumstances, but only YOU can implement those ideas. I can’t offer you an “escape hatch” and expect you to show up fully.

So here’s the Mastery of Intention GUARANTEE.

If after 4 weeks, you’re not satisfied with your results, simply email me 4 weeks of completed Action & Accountability Reports. And once I have proof that you took action, I’ll happily refund your money within 3 business days.


When does it start?


Enrollment for this group will next begin starting March 5th. 

Who should join Mastery of Intention?



MASTERY OF INTENTION is specifically designed for …

:Women who are determined. Not desperate. 

:Women who accelerate with structure, accountability & discipline.

:Women who want to be part of an exclusive, tight-knight community of like-minded women.

:Women who aren’t playing life. They’re actually doing it. 


What if I want to cancel?



You are free to cancel anytime and you will not be billed for the next moth. 

However, because I take your BIG PICTURE GOALS seriously and invest a lot of time & energy into the program, if you cancel your membership, you will not be allowed to rejoin MASTERY OF INTENTION at a later date.

The simple fact is … too many women give up wayyyyy too soon. 

And that’s not okay with me because there is ALWAYS a way to figure out a solution to any challenge you have. And I’m the Queen of being present and working with you to problem solve and celebrate YOU.

I also wouldn’t be the leader that I am if I wasn’t willing to walk my talk and hold your feet to the flame. No excuse. No duck & cover. No lady left behind.


How often will I be charged?


Every 30 days. Or you can choose an upfront payment plan. It’s up to you. 


Are there call recordings available?


YES! And they are usually emailed out in a few hours. Many members can’t make it to the Weekly Intention Settings, and listen to the replays later that day. You also do NOT need to show up to the Weekly Intention Settings to set your weekly INTENTIONS and achieve your BIG PICTURE goals. You only need to listen to the first 20 minutes.

But a word of caution – you will get out of this Journey what YOU put into it. Remember this Journey is YOURS. You have decided to give yourself the time and space and self-love and respect to sign up. So show up – Listen, Ask Questions, Learn from one another – that’s what this is all about.  

How do I contact you with other questions?


Email me at 


I’m so convinced in the power of this program that I want to take the time to help you decide if it’s for you. 

So let’s chat. Use the button below to find a time that we can connect – my gift to you. And your gift to you.