Today is my 15 year wedding anniversary, so I have been thinking not only about this week but the past 15 years I have been fortunate to be married to my husband and soul mate.

Yes, it sounds cheezy but it’s totally true! He totally puts up with me and in all honesty, I have no idea how or why he has stuck around this long! 🙂

It does bring back a lot of memories – laughs, cries, disappointments, etc. But in reflecting on the years I have spent with Davey, it always comes back to one thing – we are a team. We make one hell of a team!

But only when we work together. If we aren’t supportive or try to act alone – we are done for…Yet, when we have each other’s back and fight shoulder to shoulder, we are unstoppable.

And this goes beyond just a marriage, but to your kids, to your friends, to your colleagues. How many people are in your life that you fight for, go into battle with, shoulder-to-shoulder? Where you protect their lives and they protect yours?

If you don’t have many of those people in your life then I would suggest finding them. I think it was Jim Rohn who said that you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Take a look around…

I don’t say this to be mean or harsh. I say it because you deserve to be surrounded by the BEST. By people that love, respect and support you. You should never settle.

15 years ago today, I married the BEST man. He is a friend, critic, supporter – he stands beside me and each and every day, I am grateful.

Who are you shoulder-to-shoulder with? Take a look around…

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