Who is Megan? It is important to me that everyone gets the treatment that they need. We are surrounded by crazy, busy lives and it is essential that we get creative in how we provide treatment. Addiction is not a moral failing, but rather a disease with therapy being a critical part of your recovery.

Friends, families, and loved ones are wonderful places to turn for emotional support but often they can be too close to the situation at hand. When you engage with a therapist, they can provide an outside perspective and offer guidance on how best to grow in your recovery.

With the use of telemedicine, 2nd Chance Consulting is essentially bringing treatment to you. We make speaking with a therapist, your therapist, easy by finding the time and space that works with your life. We break down the barriers and excuses and pave the road for you to get the recovery you need.

  •  Finding your place in the world
  • The moment she surrendered and realized what she should do and how she could do it
  • Finding fulfillment in what she’s doing
  • What she does to avoid getting lost in the monotony and chaos
  • Keeping a list to keep herself grounded and mindful
  • Living in the now and living in the present
  • Surrounding yourself with great individuals and people who help you go all in

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